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What I did on my summer vacation

I thought I’d spend a week at the parents’ house writing. But Hurricane Ike (we name them after presidents now) cruised up through the middle and bonked Cincy, leaving them without power for 4 days and knocking down tons of trees. See the photos of us cutting up wood like burlymen, or at least like diligent offspring.

Be the first to spot the Yak Fur joke. Enjoy the panoramas and my Ma’s New Truck. She’s a real Trucker, and she’s a Mother, so, well, you know.

Web statistics

Q: Who is the biggest user of my website? A: The googlebot, with 60% of the total traffic.

Most amusing search string to turn up in the top 10: “Yak fur”

New chapter: Case study

This is the biggest chapter so far, with lots of diagrams and about 20 pages of text. I cheated a little bit, as I have finished the chapter by hiding two sub-sections that I may or may not come back and complete. If you do read the chapter, let me know what is missing or what could be improved with another example.

The whole book can be found in the usual place.

Doh, I wrote this blog post yesterday but never pressed “submit”.

Bwahh! Case study bogging me down

I got through another section of the case study today. I have been working on it for about 5 days, and it is only one section of the whole case study. It has been a bit fun since the case study is on a music player, and I got to write about Prince and all his pseudonyms.

I decided to join a writing group out here. They meet every Saturday morning and I am the only technical writer there. We read two nice stories that the others had written, but they’re in trouble when they get to read my stuff :-) Maybe I’ll revise the intro chapter and submit that one.

Not exactly a new chapter

After chatting with Rob yesterday about the audience for my book, I decided to take a crack at the preface, which contains a capsule summary of how this book contributes to the field and its intended audience. See it for yourself on the software architecture book page.

MythTV, again

I can't get over the air PBS reception at my house in Boulder, so I sent my TV tuner card to my parents in Cincinnati. Now, mythtv is running at their house and I'll be downloading the compressed files from there. In a weird way, it makes sense.

I've been working all day at trying to get the video transcoded acceptably. There have been lots of tests where the file sizes are too big, the transcoding takes too long, or the pictures and sound are not synchronized.

Bachelor Lasagna

I’ve posted my infamous Bachelor Lasagna recipe. Go forth and mix all your ingredients into a goop, and enjoy.

EPS with Visio 2007 in Ubuntu under Crossover Office

This is a short post, as much to remind myself how I did it, of how to get vector output from Visio 2007 when you are running it under Ubuntu using wine or crossover office.

Another chapter, yay!

This took a bit longer than expected since I went back and edited the previous chapter a bit. The new chapter, on Making Good Models, is attached and so is the revised version of Essential Modeling Relationships.

Tonight I’m starting on the Risk Profiles chapter, which will take a while since it’s brand new material, and because I have to pull together many sources.


I’m sitting here on my porch working on the software architecture book, when I notice a bug. Not the kind that I always include in the software I write, but an insect crawling on my laptop. Which reminds me that of the incorrect story of the first software bugs, which attributes it to Grace Hopper finding an insect inside the computer. Turns out the term “bug” had been used by engineers for quite a while, including Edison.

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