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Owen's fantabulous dumpling dipping sauce

When Owen and I lived together, he would often make dumplings. Often means about 25% of the meals and would account for 55% of his caloric intake. Making the dumplings themselves was reasonably easy (ok, we were using the frozen kind) but the creation of his dipping sauce was a sight to behold, as he scurried around dispensing careful drops from exotic bottles.

Lucky for me, he has given me a cheat sheet so that I can reproduce this sauce in Boulder. Here it is for your dipping pleasure:

Warning: Owen had to stop eating spicy food for several months after eating this delicious sauce.

Deadly perfect

I think I’ve finally nailed making chocolate chip cookies. To a first approximation, it’s all about butter temperature. Gotta let it sit out on the counter for a couple hours — there is no shortcut. And beat it good with the sugar. Second, don’t use the wrong vanilla. I thought there was no difference, but I was wrong.

Mmm, delicious.

I paid the Google

This week I got an email from NASA asking about the price of my course so I asked how they found me. Turns out it was a simple google search. So I decided I should probably have an advertisement on google too, so I learned a bit about AdWords. Honestly they don’t describe how the cost works very well and instead encourage you to just say how much you’re willing to spend, and they’ll do their best to spend it.

Today I got my first click-through, which cost me $0.44.

College is silly

I just wrote a quick note to my college roommate, James. For no explainable reason, as undergraduates we got into the habit of greeting each other in a particular way, which goes like this:

“Bonjour Karl Marx!”
“Bonjour Lenin!”
“Comment ca-va?”
“Ca-va bien, et vous?

Because of course revolutionary communists would speak in French, and vousvoyez each other. Did I mention this was done in falsetto?

Server upgrade complete

Here are some notes I took when upgrading to Debian Lenny this weekend. The only things that gave me serious trouble were Gallery2 and Drupal6, because I had to both migrate the data and upgrade the application at the same time.

Migrating gallery2 from Debian Etch to Lenny

Gallery2 is missing from Debian Lenny (currently in testing, but about to become stable). I'm doing a migration this weekend, so I had to grab the package from the sid (unstable) repository. Here's what I did.

Arrgh! More hard drive failures

After the last hard drive failure in the server, I decided to buy what I thought was the highest quality drive possible, so I got a Seagate ES (Enterprise Storage) drive. That was six months ago, and here we are again with another failed drive. All the important things are backed up (and it was mostly a backup drive itself) but it’s just a pain to have to restore everything. I didn’t really lose anything other than recorded TV shows, because pictures and music were backed up elsewhere.

It appears to be a bearing failure, since it’s audibly noisy now.

Home for the holidays

I’m headed back to Cincinnati tomorrow. Everyone will be there, though Charles has not decided yet if he’s returning to LA or somewhere else. I hope you all have a great holiday and get just the right amount of snow so that it feels like it did when you were six and waiting for that big red miracle to pay a visit.

First spinout!

Last week while the weather was warm I managed to get the snow tires on the front of my car, but the wheels were stubborn on the back two, so they still have my summer tires on there. Not only did we get several inches of snow last night, it’s also terribly cold (single digits) which makes the rubber on those summer tires lose what little snow grip they have. I tested to see how well I could stop, and everything seemed ok, but around the first corner the back end just kept on going straight, which led to me spinning and facing backwards on Canyon Blvd.

KDE ps2epsi service menu

Update 11 Feb 09: My CMS mangles the quotes below into smart quotes, so convert those back to straight quotes. Also, the ps2epsi that comes with Ubuntu Hardy 8.04 is broken, so replace it with the latest version.

Update 6 Feb 09: I switched to KDE 4.2 and the menus are a bit different. I haven’t found a reference yet but I haven’t really looked either. The file now goes in ~/.kde/share/kde4/services/ServiceMenus.

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