Book good; George sick

I’ve been battling with the third chapter for what feels like forever. In reality it’s probably been just over a month, and I went to OOPSLA and had to do some edits for the publisher, but it really feels like a long time. The good news is that I completed a draft of it today and it doesn’t suck (it was sucking for a while). I’ll return to it in a few days and wordsmith the text, but I think the content is ok.

Things are moving ahead with the publisher. The first two reviews came back quite positive, so we’re looking at contract details.

Tuesday: Sunny and 72 degrees

I love it when the weather forecast gives you something to look forward to. Today’s sunny and 54 doesn’t breach that magic 70-degree day threshold. Of course, I’m inside writing.

Winter wonderland

We got our first official snow here in Boulder. It had dusted the rooftops in my neighborhood a few weeks ago, but not at the official weather station, so that didn’t count. The past two evenings have been remarkable because the moon has been nearly full and casting bright light in the late evening, almost like in the movies where they film it during the day but then darken the film to make it look like night.

Isn’t it wonderful that snow is white? How much worse would winter be if snow were gray or brown yuck falling from the sky?


I’ve been getting back into running on the Boulder Creek Trail and have seen more critters than ever before. Last night I saw a fox at the intersection with Broadway (a pretty busy place). He saw me and was trotting a bit ahead, planning to make a left turn, but then he saw there was another guy coming down from that direction, so he trotted along farther, maybe for 30 seconds. I’m not sure I’ve seen a fox for more than a few seconds before.

The week before, I saw two female deer near the intersection with the high school.

Nemesis in my house

Why, oh why did I give in to the temptation? I knew it was wrong, but I did it anyway. As they say, decide in haste and repent in leisure. My only hope against this enemy is to keep him away from me, or possibly to reduce his size to minimize the harm. Other people have spines, and willpower, and they can live their lives moment-to-moment as they choose. I have to accept the limits to my will, and keep the temptation where it belongs, in the grocery store in the potato chip aisle. Damn those BBQ chips are tasty.

Yummy winter borscht recipe posted

Like beets? Then try the yummy winter borscht recipe I finally got around to posting. Thanks to Marianne and her Ma for the recipe from the home country.

KDE SVN service menu

Installing KDESVN gives you a right-click menu so that you can check things into and out of SVN, but you have to navigate Actions->Subversion->Update. Woe, I could grow old and grey (ha) with all the time spent navigating such menus.

RFID: Just say no

My credit card company sent me a new card today, and I see a new logo on it that says “Blink” and a log that looks like a speaker. Hmm. I wonder if that’s RFID (radio frequency identification). Yes it is. The supposed convenience is that I can wave my credit card over a scanner instead of swiping — aah, now my luxury is complete.

The good news is that you can request a non-RFID card. Unlike the guy in the linked web page, I was at first told that all cards have RFID in them now, but that tune changed once I mentioned the web page. I should have my new card in a few days.

Why should you be concerned? Well, someone with the right equipment could read your card while it’s in your pocket. You wouldn’t need to lose your wallet to have a lousy vacation. They have already found out how to clone the RFID in passports but the US government has not changed their mind about RFID yet.

Fall in Boulder

We’ve had such beautiful weather, mostly low 70s and sunny. Things are changing fast and the leaves are falling, so I took a bunch of shots from my porch swing and stitched them together into a panorama so that I can remember what it will look like, even when it’s cold and gray outside.

Here is the panorama picture

If you look closely, you can see where the photo stitching program sorta lost the chain of the porch swing, but found it other places.

Book proposal, wedding, OOPSLA, Pat visit

I’ve been making revisions to the book and outline to get it ready for the publisher. I think that’s all done now. He will send it out to a number of experts, who will report back on what they think the book’s prospects are. Kevin Bierhoff, Bradley Schmerl, and Alan Birchenough have been absolutely wonderful people — they have discussed the book content with me and have given me comments on how to improve the text. Thanks!

I’m off on Friday morning for a trip.

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