MythTV hardware starts arriving; installing the remote control

Today, the motherboard, DVD drive, remote, and memory arrived. Over the weekend I got ready and prepped the case. I had to scrounge around today to find screws to install the motherboard since none were included.

Friends and family update

Conard, my college roommate, has a bouncing baby girl. He has just completed his foreign service training and is working in Tijuana. His wife has finished her phd in anthropology (yay!) and Conard has just a few chapters left (yay!)

James, my other college roommate, is out of Iraq and living in Germany, working for the army as a major. I just saw him a few weeks ago.

MythTV frontend box

I’m finally getting around to building a MythTV box. Ideally I’d wait another three months or so, because by then nVidia will have XvMC support for the 7050 chipset, XboxMediaCenter for linux should be working, and the Antec NSK2400 case will be available in black.

Stereo equipment power usage

I wondered how much electricity my stereo and tv were using up. I have a Kill-a-watt meter that provides a reading of how many watts are going through an electric outlet. Normally I have it hooked up to my computer (btw, monitor = 30W, desktop = 90-120W, laptop charing = 35W).

Documentaries I recommend

Here are a bunch of documentaries that I highly recommend. I'm giving links that will help you get at the content but I'm not recommending that you use BitTorrent, but some of the content is hard to get in any other channel.

Frist psot

I’ve installed some blogging software on my server. After looking around, I chose Serendipity because (1) it has a Debian package and I hope the package maintainer is tracking security updates instead of me, and (2) I found web postings concerned about the security of other packages.

My hope is to use this blog to write articles on software architecture, with the end product being a book. No, I can’t just staple the blog postings together, but it’s important to be getting the ideas recorded so that I realize which are unfinished.

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